Man In Black Jacket And Jeans Walking On Grass Holding The Rite Bottle With Amethyst Quartz Crystal Point

Rite (noun): A ceremonial act or action 

As an entrepreneur, I have always been curious to the mysteries of inspiration and creativity. I have studied a myriad of successful artists, philosophers, and entrepreneurs to learn more about what catalyzes a successful creative process, and what techniques I could adopt to lure out that fleeting moment of inspiration in myself.

 As a human, molding my career, moving from Alaska to San Francisco, getting laid off, and starting new, there have been more than enough times I’ve found myself feeling lost, off path, ungrounded, and listless. I’ve battled depression and anxiety as I’ve navigated the hurdles that life throws my way.

I have always been a person of Ritual, even as a child. I believe there is great power is healthy rituals - and great danger in the lack thereof. I can say in full confidence, during some of the darkest moments of my life, it was Ritual that pulled me up and pushed me through. Rituals require discipline, which leads to a sense of accomplishment and control, which boosts confidence, and ultimately results in positive thoughts, feelings, emotions, and outcome. From your morning routine, to what you read, what you listen to, to what you eat, to exercise, to thought patterns, to goals, to intentions, and more.

 At some point along my journey, I discovered the power of consistent, steady action. I realized that having a ritual – even something as simple as having a water bottle that radiated the energy I sought to attract – was key to my growth and progress. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, I was laid off of work and stuck inside. At a time when anxiety and restlessness were at their peak, and routines completely upended, I wanted to create products that inspire the feeling of a healthy ritual and provide structure and grounding in peoples’ hectic lives. In an effort to combine these principles in an updated, convenient, and well-designed way, The Rite Bottle was born.

Rite delivers premium crystal elixir water bottles designed in Berlin, Germany. Rite bottles are made from food-grade borosilicate glass and stainless steel. Each bottle includes a unique, one-of-a-kind, naturally mined crystal. 

Rite was founded on the belief that small, steady acts of self-love and discipline can truly transform one’s life for the better. Our goal is to inspire you to take action creating your own healthy rites and rituals, remain present as much as possible, and keep your life full of purpose. We seek to learn more about the rituals that form a healthy and happy lifestyle - to crystals and beyond -  and hope to continue to develop products that aid in that journey.

Rite is more than just water bottles – we are a community of likeminded individuals searching for ways to get the most out of life. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration, and to share your Rite Bottle in action. @riteyourritual #theritebottle