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The Rite Crystal Water Bottle contains naturally mined crystals. For centuries, healers have combined these sacred stones with water, to produce elixirs that revitalize and purify one’s mind, body, and soul. 

Harness the power. Raise your frequency.

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This bottle is truly amazing, not only because it is made of high quality glass and stainless steel, but also contains a piece of huge crystal point. I know there are similar bottles on the market, but I haven't seen anything close to this quality.

Dori @dori_the_crystal_whisperer

I am so happy with my new Rite Bottle. It has a huge amethyst crystal and even came with a little present and personally written note. Thank you so much. My best purchase this year.

Isa @kadustuniverse

The bottle just arrived! I am in love, such a beautiful product!

Luisa @lulusdreamtown

I've never seen bottles like yours before. They're amazing. I love the amethyst one.

Jess @heartshapedbonesx

My new amethyst bottle is gorgeous! Thank you @riteyourritual!

Kristen @kristen_thiess

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